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Shagger Blunkett's revenge?

BBC NEWS | Politics | Child access law shake-up planned

Parents who refuse to allow former partners contact with their children could be electronically tagged under plans being considered by ministers.
Curfews and community service orders were other options which could be used if court orders to allow parental access were defied

Of course a Tag-happy Shag-happy "refused access" Blindman would have had nothing to do with this...


Electronically tag people (ie mothers) who refuse former partners (ie fathers) access to their children?


Won't it just show that they're at home? Where else would you expect them to be?

What problem are they trying to solve here?

I agree. Tagging is supposed to prevent...what exactly?

And will there be tagging for people like my daughter's absent father, who, according to the CSA has had twelve jobs in four years?

Maybe they should adapt that Scottish credit card thing to automatically divert earnings to an account in their child's name whenever they spend over 50 in the pub in a single evening ;-)

This is ridiculous. As a father, I can appreciate the frustration of fathers who can't see their children. However, one size does not fit all and legislation shouldn't try and make it. Of my 4 children, 2 are step children and currently have no contact with their father. We are due back in court in a couple of months because he has taken my wife to court for contact again. He is a violent alcoholic who has assaulted my wife and I in front of the children, neglected and mentally abused the children. The children are scared of him but despite this he still takes my wife to court climing he is a good father and that she is making it all up. There is a chance that the courts will award contact to him again, especially in light of these new rules which completely disregard the question of whether a father is fit to look after his children or if the contact is in the children's best interests. If my wife refuses she faces fines, electronic tagging, curfews, etc. for protecting her children.

Once again, the government has shown it's utter contempt for the public and it's complete lack of any knowledge of what happens in the real world.

Incidently, my wife's husband has worked on and off since he gave up his job when the CSA told him he had to pay maintenance. In 4 years he has paid 10 in maintenance payments for the 2 children. Fathers who refuse to pay the CSA should be denied access automatically.

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