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There goes my chance of becoming a Tory MP

The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

A GUN-TOTING Tory was last night axed as a Parliamentary candidate after The Sun exposed him posing like Rambo with a deadly arsenal.
Robert Oulds was dumped by party leader Michael Howard within minutes of him seeing our photographs.


You have such weird "news"papers over there - what's called a "boulevardblatt" among the german-speaking countries from what I remember. That one appears to be much like our National Enquirer, widely read and printed, but not taken one bit seriously here. In fact it calls into question the legitimacy of any "News" it prints. Where's the photos of a "bat-boy raised by wolves"..?

Oh well Mr E, there go any aspirations to power that you or Mr FM may have had.

On a serious note, it shows how libertarians delude themselves when they think of the Conservative Party as their home.

It seem that the Sun is Run by Hyena's.

Keith: Don't worry, nobody over here takes the Sun seriously either. People only read it for the tits on page three. Unfortunately, as it is considered a conservative tabloid, it gives the rest of us a bad name.

We want pictures!

Keith and Paul - It also keeps the EU at bay pretty vigorously. Not *just* page three.

Hmm...thanks for the enlightenment. I guess I don't associate "page-three" girls with conservative news?
Down with the EU! :-)

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