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Shock Horror! Drunk Tory with Gun and Smoking !



Could this be blamed on Churchill's having an American mother? Could it be redneck DNA at work? And if it is, would to God it could be bottled and sold.

Butler: Mr. Chamberlain, sir, you have a visitor.

Chamberlain: Who? Perchance a tradesman?

Butler: Oh, much worse, sir. A tubby Tommy with a tommy and a stogie. (Sniff) He even has "Church" in his name. Shall I let him in?

Mr. Howard? I am the ghost of Tories past...

True, the mere image is probably enough to annoy all the usual suspects. But imagine their emotional state if they knew that the PM was, in fact, an excellent shot and a stone killer! They probably just see a pol mugging for the camera. I see greatness.

Another fine picture:

I should disclose the unpleasant probability that NRO's "John Derbyford" and "Andrew Stuttashire" likely view my spew as offal to Newcastle, but perhaps you might agree that the memory of your late PM may still inspire an updated tradition of our navies: Rumsfeld, bloggery and the lush.
And that however much we may loathe Islamofascism, we should not underestimate those who chewed up Russian armored forces in Grozny; didn't Putin say something like, "Some Chechen-Some neck!"
-getting even worse-I suppose that the common language which divides us and your unfamiliarity with our remedial educational er, schemes renders the following even lamer than the above: "Are students at madrasses hooked on fatwas?"
Now that I've lost your attention, please allow me to, as we Yanks are wont to say, "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!" My "Frogs begin at Calais" is still something of a GoogleWhack. (sigh, three hits for "high-wanking officials")Ditto, and perhaps beyond your Ken Shabby, for the Koran-inspired term for our American "neocons": "People of the bookish."
In the unlikely event that anyone desires more such hideous punishments, he/she may search("reactionry") the NASCAR Dad & Mum site, Scrappleface.com or the moribund for lack of interest nromirror.blogspot.com.
That *was* plug-ugly wasn't it?


For it's "Tommy Gun this and Tommy Gun that" we must confiscate,
But it's "Gravy Train for Bulldogs!" to save the Ship of State.

-Boneyard Tipling

I'll grant that I haven't the foggiest about "Atkins"(except as an American lo-carb diet), and will give ye a hint: "Gravy Train" probably tastes better than most of what *you* eat.
Crimeney Cricket-can't even get youse guys to take offence. I'll just pick up your Elgin marbles and leave....

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