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Talking about me sunshine?

Lose the Delusion: In your English faces

One of the things that I really dislike about your typical Eurosceptic is that they appropriate a notion of 'Britishness' as a cover for what really amounts to parochial Englishness. While I am prepared to accept that there are Eurosceptics in both Scotland and Wales, the loudest and most vociferous opponents of the EU are most usually to be found in England. You can see this clearly in the blogosphere. Apart from the dedicated Eurosceptic sites, it is interesting that a number of the other 'British' blogs that rant and rave about Europe seem to have the word English prominently displayed in the title.

Other "English" blogs have mentioned this post with reasoned arguement but I suppose I ought to make my position clear and absolve myself of the charge of hypocracy.
I was proud to be a British Subject and yield to no one in my admiration of what each of the constituent nations has contribuited to the Union.
And while I continue to be proud of our shared history of Britishness we have been forced in to a hopefully amicable divorce. "If you love them let them go". So Dear Sweaties and Taffs if you want to plough your own furrow, please go with my blessing but don't expect me to subsidise you or let you continue to rule me. And if you wish to to continue to feed at the European Swill trough that is your choice. You left us, now leave us alone.
I make an exception in talking about Ulster where the majority of people are being sold down the river by our leaders.


"I make an exception in talking about Ulster where the majority of people are being sold down the river by our leaders."

I have often said that the best solution is to amalgamate Ulster with Scotland. Ha ha only serious!

Thanks for recognising our plight over here!

I'm pro-Europe and pro-England so I don't agree with everything you say but I do agree that if the Scots and Welsh want their own parliament and "independence" then they should stick to their own parliaments and leave us English alone.

The thing that really convinced me of the need for an English parliament was when Satan Blair forced through the university fees for England and Wales using Scottish MP's when it didn't affect Scotland and the English and Welsh MP's voted against them.

It's time we stopped being treated as second class citizens in our own country while still being expected to subsidise the Scots and Welsh because they can't manage to stand on their own two feet. It's funny how they are fit to govern themselves but they can't manage their economy well enough to not need English subsidies.

There is a force of habit for the Scots and Welsh to resist being English -- no need for a habit of the English becoming Scottish or Welsh. The English habit is to clamber away from Europe, particularly the... the ah, Belgians.

The Scots and Welsh just don't put in the energy keeping clear of Brussels, having divided their attention between Angloskeptic and Euroskeptic.

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