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BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Super-crane in Eden granite task

The crane arrived last week on more than 30 lorries and then took a week to put together.... Sculptor Peter-Randall Page will spend a year turning the stone into a giant seed which will be the centrepiece of the new education building at the Eden Project.

I have been to the Eden Project and a fine morning out it is (and having an MA in Agircultural Science - I find crop plants from around the world more interesting than most) So why am I unhappy that I have an uneasy feeling that the cost of this huge crane and the rock botherer will be paid for by the tax payer...


Lottery surely? That•s what paid for the Eden Centre in the first place isnít it?

Big cranes like that cost >£10K per day. Let's hope it is the lottery mugs who are paying.

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