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Students today - huh!

attempting escape: Student Life - Party shows the depravity of the young.
No one smoking, not even a cigarette - let alone a monster five paper spliff. No offensive posters on the wall. No Nazi armbands. Nothing smashed. No girl crying in the corner. No sick. For God's sake man, what the hell are you playing at? Start behaving like a proper student.


The young gentleman seems intent on having pictures of himself "being wild." We had people like that in the old days, too, tim. Don't pretend to me that you never got stuck at a party like this, wondering if in spite of it all, one of those girls might be friendly.

In retrospect, they never were and we should have left immediately. As we can now see looking at the situation sober.


It was a party that fell, very flat, but I promised that I would post photo's, and I did.

Unfortunately, not many people turned up because we left it way too late in inviting people.

Smoking is also banned, and as it was in our block tutors room, we couldn't really do much.

One of my mates is having his birhday party tomorrow, so I will blog on that, hopefully it will show some improvement on your expectations.

Jules, I think the spelling you are looking for is "libel".
6/10 must try harder.


where is the 'Withnail & I' playing in the corner - cue references to the Camberwell Carrot & the Coal Man

Sorry about the spelling mistake, blame the dyslexia.

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