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Dear Mr President

May I and the English people congratulate you on securing four more years as president of the United States of America. I, like many others watched on television being sworn in as President and the commitment that you gave to continuing the global fight against tyranny and oppression and giving less fortunate countries around the world some basic rights such as Liberty, Freedom and democracy.

As you know and have stated on many occasions, the relationship between England and America is so cemented that we are more like members of the same family than different countries. Over the years, one another has come to one another's aid in times of strife and hardship, our peoples are so alike, we almost share the same handshake and we, like you look upon freedom, liberty and democracy as an absolute minimum that a country and its peoples should

Therefore, I offer you and open invitation to come and invade Britain and free the English people from tyranny and oppression. Because, today we do not have the basic rights that you and the American people have or the basic rights that you want to instil on countries around the world who don't currently have these ideals.

Mr President, did you know that -

England is the world's largest democracy to be governed by foreigners.
In England, we the peoples of England do not have basic rights such as
We the peoples of England do not have the right for Self-Government.
We the peoples of England are refused the fundamental right of Democracy.
We the Taxpayers of England are being drained of over 30 billion every year to subside countries outside of England.
We the peoples of England are not allowed a voice and if we try to voice our concerns, we are called Racists or Extremists.

Therefore, Mr President, seeing as though you have told the world that you will champion the causes of Liberty, Freedom and Democracy and where the peoples of countries demand these basic rights, voice these demands, you will, with the full force of the American might, enforce these countries to give their peoples liberty, freedom and democracy. We the people of England look forward to you invading Britain and giving the English people these basic rights that the modern world enjoy.

I ask you one final question, I know that you are passionate and patriotic, do you consider yourself a racist or an extremist for having these virtues.
Perhaps you should ask Mr Blair what he thinks, as he labels us English with these tags because we are proud and passionate of who we are and all of what England stands for.

Any problem with directions, then let me know, we are the little island that stuck in the North Sea, just of the coast of Europe, you know the one, the one who's given more to this world than any other nation in history.

See you soon

Ed Abrams
Regional Chairman
North West England
English Democrats
(On behalf of the English People)


Dear Ed,

Sorry, but you have to be part of some strange (and preferably dark-skinned) ethnic group before our neo-Socialist Congress will allow any kind of unilateral intervention.

You lot will just have to do the overthrowing yourselves. Mind the CCTVs.


Goerge W. Bush

Sorry, Dave, but you've got it wrong. George Bush is a member of the same alien race who control the EU. They're secretly allies!

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