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Tsunami Aid

The Diplomad presents a fact sheet laying out what the USA has done (as of January 18) to aid quake and tsunami victims in Indonesia; (They) haven't yet received read outs on our aid to Sri Lanka, Maldives, East Africa, or Thailand.

Compare for instance with Indian Ocean Tsunami - The EU Response"

This web site provides information on the measures which the European Commission has put in place to meet the needs in the countries concerned.

Top Story:

Intervention in Plenary session of European Parliament on aftermath of earthquake and Tsunami.

All talk and no trousers.....


Dare anyone try and parody the next item:

"EU Commission President pledges swift delivery of EU Tsunami aid 11/01/05

Speaking as governments and aid agencies from around the world meet at the UN donor conference to plan the use of aid, European Commission President Barroso pledged that the EU would deliver its promised aid (up to 450 million and an EIB lending facility of up to 1 billion) on time..."

All cattle and no hat.

Wait...its all hat and no cattle...dang those Teksunisms!

Wait...its all hat and no cattle...dang those Teksunisms!

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