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Education Education Education

A year ago a post here - An Englishman's Castle: Chavs - was one of the first reporters on Chavs - the entry still gets comments - such as this gem today from, presumably, a Chav:

uz lot r jst sad god ur disin ppl ryt n u probz dnt even no ne chavz dat wel ne wayz. go get a lyf n stop getin involvd wiv stuf dat dnt mata. u no if u spent as much tym finkin bout wot ur doin dan wot uva ppl r doin u myt not al b snobby twats.


To which you replied 'yeah but, no but, yeah but.....oh sod off.'

I hope ;-)

I can't read that. I was not raised on the keypad of a cellphone.

Don't worry Tim. Chavs are the doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists, mechanics and philosophers of the future. As part of a government inclusiveness drive, they are rewriting the medical course textbooks so as to include a translation of all the complicated bits in to 'txtspk'.

Sorry, just kidding. Chavs will eventually grow up and find satisfaction as EU politicians - the ultimate profession for any two-bit, braindead moron with dictatorial tendencies. I can see it now - an advert in the back of Max Power magazine: "Do u kno how 2 run @ supra-nasshnaul body ov nashuns? If so, txt us at 07769 435201. Plz ask bill payas permishun b4 u txt. We evn includ free trainin on how 2 bcom a corrupt EU leader!"

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