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Causes of Hot Air

BBC NEWS | Scotland | MSPs search for climate answers

An inquiry into the impact of climate change is to get under way at the Scottish Parliament.
Business and environmental experts will be sitting round the table with MSPs to search for ways in which Scotland can cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

Not siiting around talking arse would be a good way.

This follows on from earlier news:

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Scots urged to use kettle caution

Tea lovers in Scotland are being urged to refrain from filling their kettle to the brim when pouring a cuppa.
The Scottish Executive's Do a Little, Change a Lot campaign is encouraging Scots to be more energy conscious with their kettles.

Don't you love this profligate waste (the campaign not the kettles that is - has anyone done an energy audit on the campaign?)

And of course it is bollocks - For my American friends I should explain over here we use Man's electricity 220 volts not the Yankee lite version so we can actually boil water. And unlike coffee where you want luke warm rusty water for tea you need it boiling. That is why you warm the tea pot or mug, so the water stays hot. And of course the kettle needs to have a decent amount of water in it to keep the water boiling while you faff around pouring it out.
Tim - off for his second cup of PG tips this morning (as Stott would say).


Yeah, we're going to have one of our wall outlets rewired for 220, so we can boil water quickly (using our Brit kettle, obviously). Of course, the plug outlet will be a standard Brit one, to avoid confusion and having our American applainces fried by the massive jolt of raw Euro power.

(The only time one can use the expression "raw Euro power" without sniggering, incidentally.)

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