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That's the question..

BBC NEWS | Politics | EU referendum question unveiled

The question to be asked in the referendum on the EU Constitution has been unveiled by the government.

And to save time I will reveal the answer - NO


"Do you wish to reject the EU constitution and thereby indicate your willingness for the UK to withdraw from the EU?"

Don't think they wouldn't try it.

Question is OK considering - thought they would pull their usual trick of making out a No vote is a sure fire way to lose millions of jobs. Forgetting the 's we cough up everyday for the "privilege" of being in the EU of course!

The question should be:

"Do you wish to be ruled by an unelected, unaccountable committee of political failures who have put themselves above the law?"

If Blogger starts working anytime in the next few days I have prepared an article on the possible impact of the governments scare tactics in a referendum.

There is a growing belief that by claiming the vote to be about membership, the government is risking a huge backlash once the No Vote is in. They are dramatically increasing the chances of us leaving the EU with their tactics.

EU Serf:

Let's hope so

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