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Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Others will cover this better but it deserves repeating at every opportunity:
Telegraph | News | Blair's asylum switch gives Europe the key to Britain

Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, last night stuck to the Government's line that the constitution did not threaten Britain's national sovereignty. "Britain will not have to relinquish control of its borders," he said.
Tony Blair was forced on the defensive over immigration last night after the Government admitted it had signed away to the European Union the right to limit the numbers of asylum seekers coming into the country.

Despite repeatedly promising to maintain control over immigration and Britain's borders, the Government has opted into a common European asylum system.
The extent to which the new directives limit the Government's right to impose national immigration controls emerged when The Telegraph disclosed that the European Commission was threatening to block the Conservatives' plans to set a maximum annual limit to immigration into Britain, including a quota for asylum seekers.


Unsuprisingly the majority of the press ignored this as it highlights how Blair is the latest in a long line of shysters to merrily give away the sovereignty that is not their to give.

Though it is probably not appropriate for a bishop to say so: he is a completely shameless lying scumbag.

The fact some medias ignored this stories shows how the media is controlled by the goverment,

Your country is worse than soviet union.

All these political parties have had a hand in it
over the years and they're all pro EU in varying degrees. They see themselves as in opposition to each other, when in fact they are now all in opposition to us.

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