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Tanks lottery

BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Tank museum scoops 8.5m funding

Backers of a military museum in line for a 15m redevelopment have been awarded a 8.5m lottery grant.
The money will go towards building a new display hall and preserving the hundreds of vehicles at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset.

One of the best days out - I'm glad it is going to get even better.


Go there, and learn the strange story of the superior tank suspension, designed, pre-WW2, by a yank, whose work was rejected by the US army.

But the British bought it, and the Russians stole it, and so history changed.

... tis as you say sir, a fine day out. Will be taking eldest nipper there (again) over the Easter hols

Went as a kid in the late 50s, loved it. A relative was one of the first tankers in WW1.

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