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"institutional mindset"

BBC NEWS | Politics | BBC 'must improve coverage of EU'

The inquiry said it had found an "institutional mindset" at the BBC when it came to the EU and a tendency to "polarise and over-simplify issues".
It also claimed there was a "measure of ignorance of the EU on the part of some journalists" and "a failure to report issues which ought to be reported, perhaps out of a belief that they are not sufficiently entertaining".
"Whatever the cause in particular cases, the effect is the same for the outside world, and feels like bias," the report concludes...
there was a "widespread perception" of "certain forms of cultural and unintentional bias" which had to be corrected.

OK, so the report is more robust than I thought it would be - interestingly the BBC report on it doesn't mention which way the "unintentional bias" runs; I think I can guess though....



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