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Tsunami Joke

I apologise for not noticing this story before:

Scotsman.com News - Indian Ocean earthquake - City hunts worker over sick jokes

A COUNCIL worker is facing the threat of disciplinary action after being caught searching the internet for sick jokes about the Asian tsunami.

An investigation has been launched after the operator of an internet blog site complained to the city council.

The operator said his site, which contains a variety of news items and internet "funnies", received a hit from someone at the authority who had used the Yahoo! search engine to look for "tsunami joke".

Council officials believe it could take days to identify the individual involved as they have more than 20,000 employees.

The webmaster, on www.freedomforall.net wrote: "Somebody working for Edinburgh District Council [sic] thinks it would be fun to have a few "tsunami jokes" to tell. If the sickness of what was being done is not bad enough, they are using the council's computers and their work time to find them. I felt it was good form to give them a call and let them know. They called me to say it is being raised as a "security incident", will be investigated and result in action."

A council spokeswoman said: "We are investigating and will take appropriate action if necessary."

- A website called "Freedomforall" acting like a Gestapo informer.
A Council spending days searching out an employee to take "appropriate action".
WTF is going on?
I presume the poor sod who was trying to find a funny joke about the tsunami (all the ones I have seen have been pathetic) is going to marched off to some camp for "re-education...
Sometimes I feel there is a parallel universe out there which everyone else is living in.


Say what? Man, that is disturbing.

Nothign worse than an arrogant Buddhist! That pointy headed website is so unenlightened and generally evidence of total mind-chaos, it makes one wonder about the value of Buddhism at all. That guy needs to tread the eight-fold path a bit longer and re-read his Siddhartha...or else it's reading Herman Hesse that got him into trouble in the first place. Like most ideological crackers, he took a Left at step-two, "Right Intention" and has wandered down the road to Hell built by the Left's (feel-)good intentions...

Please be careful what you say Mr E, may I refer you to your own "No Courts Needed..." post.

Newcastle United say the devastation has nothing to do with the Toon Army.

What can I say? I am an anarchist and Buddhist but also like most people on this planet right now highly unevolved and reactive. I was having a bad hair day?

Emotional reactions to events like the Tsunami vary amongst people. Some find solace in humour, some in helping. We each have our own reactions programmed more by experience than by whether we are fundamentally "good", "bad", "sick" or indifferent.

Freedomforall.net is my personal exploration of the world around me as I grow up at age 38. I have had some bigtime personal shit to deal with which has left me with more than my fair share of anger and indignation to deal with. I was pretty upset by people making jokes about an event which killed a quarter of a million or so fellow human beings. I reacted.

It's not Buddhism or Hesse that means I do not achieve everything the Buddha pointed out was possible for a human in terms of compassion, mindfullness etc: It's the bastard that used me for his personal masturbatory tool when I was a baby.

Did I mean to take out my anger on someone else? No. But, let's face it you are as guilty of judgement and condemnation as I so in this very post you commit "sins" no smaller than my own.

My advice, in part, to the City Edinburdg District Council was that they should advise their employees that their internet activities are traceable. Actions come home to roost - including my own.

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