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Scottish Parliament "Waste of Money " - Official

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Holyrood worth 80m less than it cost

IT'S official - the Holyrood parliament building is not worth anything like the 430 million the taxpayer paid for it.

Expert valuation of the completed building has discovered that it is worth 350 million - a full 80 million less than the cost of construction.

The parliamentary authorities reacted stoically to the news that they are sitting on what is effectively the biggest piece of negative equity in the country.

A spokesman said managers had always known that delays and problems with its design meant that the parliament had cost more to build than its value would be on completion.

Opponents of the project claimed that the valuation proved what an enormous waste of money the building had turned out to be.


It's a wonder no one's suggested retrospectively amortising the cost over the past 400 years since Jimmy the Sixth came south.

Run...run while you still can.

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