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Can Europe turn the Corner?

Power Line posts:

Yesterday, I speculated about the future of Europe in a post called "Can Europe Turn the Corner?" In doing so, I referred to a piece in the February issue of Commentary (not yet available online) by Arthur Waldron. The portions of Waldron's piece on which I relied dealt with the economic situation in Europe. But Waldron also suggested that Europe seemed to be turning the corner in its attitude towards combating terrorism. The key event, Waldron thought, was the murder of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh by a Dutch Muslim as retribution for his film Submission about the abuse of women under Islam. As I read Waldron's argument, it occurred to me that the Europeans were just as likely, Spanish style, to respond to van Gogh's murder by curtailing works of art offensive to Muslims as by becoming more resolute. But what I do I know?...

Well it seems the answer is here:

Michelle Malkin

Chris Ripke is a Rotterdam artist. His artist studio is close to a mosque in the Insulindestraat. Shocked by the murder ... of fellow artist Theo van Gogh, Chris painted an angel on the exterior wall of his studio with the text "Thou shalt not kill" ("Gij zult niet doden").
His neighbors in the mosque found the text "offensive" and called the Rotterdam mayor, the Liberal Ivo Opstelten. ..(ON) 4 November, the mayor ordered the police to erase the painting from Mr. Ripke's wall, because it was "racist."
When the police and the men from the town service arrived to erase the "racist" painting, Wim Nottroth, a television journalist, positioned himself in front of the painting in protest. The police arrested him.

I think that says it all...


Hardly a "liberal" action from the mayor, is it?

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