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Mind the Gap

London Underground : The Song Not work safe - unless you are allowed to play loud songs with rude words at work.


you managed to post it - i had a go yesterday but was informed that the file size was too big

anyway - its the best thing i have heard in a long time

That is absolutely outstanding. Sadly it will never appear on Top Of The Pops...

I can't stop chuckling...

This is an absolute disgrace. People who work on London Underground work extremely hard to bring a good service to Londoners and they don't earn £30k but they should for working long shifts underground. If you really want to complain about how much the tube costs, you should be complaining to the bosses and the companies that own the tube who increase fares every year and don't invest in improving tracks, trains or stations. You are small minded idiots and, to be frank, it looks like you are being paid to sit on your arse if all you do all day is create stupid flash films abusing the workers of this country. Get a life and see the bigger picture.

RMT welcomes safety investigation into London Underground
publication date: 9 January 2006

JANUARY 9: LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union today welcomed the decision by HM Chief Inspector of Railways to investigate reports of safety breaches by LUL during the New Year’s Eve strike by 4,000 RMT station staff.

“The decision by Linda Williams, the Chief Inspector of Railways, to order an investigation into the safety breaches we have raised is welcome news indeed,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

“The catalogue of safety breaches during the New Year’s Eve stoppage is growing, with more reports coming in from RMT reps and members across the system.

“It is increasingly clear that LUL management were more interested in keeping stations open at all costs than in observing safety standards, and we are seriously concerned that lives were put at risk as a result.

“London Underground used inadequately trained staff, some of them allowed to work for 24 hours at a stretch; they had inexperienced staff driving trains, and they allowed trains to stop at stations with no staff on duty, and even with no lighting on at all.

“It beggars belief that LUL should demonstrate such a cavalier approach to safety, especially when our members’ concerns in the present dispute are about the safe running of the Tube network.

“Whether or not there is a dispute, London Underground has a duty to ensure that safety standards are maintained, and we wrote to the Railways Inspectorate detailing the safety breaches that have come to light so far.

“Ms Williams has now told us that she has ordered an investigation, and we will of course pass on details of all further safety breaches reported to us.

“Rather than continue to play with people’s lives, LUL should concentrate on resolving this dispute along the lines agreed on Friday night during talks hosted by the TUC,” Bob Crow said.

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