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Sleep safely in bed tonight

The long awaited guidance document on what you can do when an intruder is caught.
It goes to show it wasn't the law that needed changing but that the Police and CPS needed to be forced to make a public display of priorities.
So print off a copy and wrap it round a baseball bat...


Interesting fact: At about seven o'clock last night the Sky News viewers poll indicated that 71% of householders thought killing an intruder was perfectly acceptable, 24% thought one's response should be limited to assault (with or without a deadly weapon wasn't stated) and only 5% thought that one should merely restrain the little bastard until the police arrived. I don't know the final result of the poll yet, but it might be interesting to send to our "leaders" and ask for their reaction.

Channel Four News reported last night that it would now be OK to keep a gun by your bedside. I think they may be a little ignorant of the firearms laws! The guidance is unclear to say the least, but my guess is that using something "to hand" as a weapon does not include keeping a weapon by your bedside. This will be interpreted as setting a trap, which they exclude as reasonable behaviour. You will be expected to defend yourself with something genuinely to hand like a pair of dirty underpants or the wife. If the police believe it was there by design, they will prosecute.

I don't have a baseball bat, I'm English. Anyone with a baseball bat in the UK should be arrested, as noone plays baseball (its a girls game) and clearly only owns it for violence.
I do have a cricket bat....

I don't think it is acceptable to kill. You may use 'reasonable force'. To me that means knock them out, tie them up and call the police. It doesn't mean, knock them out, tie them up, bludgeon them to death and then call the police.

Monjo, I disagree with your statement that it is not acceptable to kill. Of course I agree with your sentiments regarding your later statement.

I can imagine a number of scenarios where killing an intruder is not only acceptable to me morally but also a responsibility. Indeed, I can imagine scenarios where killing an intruder would be seen as fully justifiable not only by myself but also by the CPS, a jury and a judge.


I'm quite small. If I need to tackle a large, violent, probably not very rational burglar, I'm not going to be aiming for precision disablement. If I hit him a bit hard with, say, a convenient hammer left over from the time I hung pictures on the wall, and he dies, that's too bad.

I do agree that if I had him knocked out and tied up, it's not reasonable to carry on putting the boot in. But anything, up to and including his death, that happens in my initial assault is fair enough.

"initial assault" - indeed. You meant 'defence' I suppose? If you have the advantage of surprise and you have an hammer, then a blow to the back of the knee and a follow up to the collar bone/shoulder should be enough. If you go straight for the cranium then IMO it's murder.
If I were in a Jury and weren't convinced your action were fair I wouldnt hesitate to call it murder.

I've done a little fisk of the advice-


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