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Not Pro Bono


Bono, U2ís lead singer, is one of the leaders of the campaign to supply the third world with drugs by dismantling the intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical companies. So is this his position on IPRs generally? Not at all. Bono is also one of the leaders of the campaign to strengthen the IPRs of (youíve guessed it) musicians. Today, most European countries protect copyrights on sound recordings for no more than 50 years. The U2 members think that they should be allowed to "retain their copyright for at least as long as they live, and to pass it to their heirs, just like any other asset that they own." Yes, itís very easy to say that property if theft when youíre talking about other peopleís properties.

Someone might say that there is a big difference between music and life-saving drugs. I agree. Gifted musicians would probably continue to create music even if they didnít make much money on it. But I donít think that anyone would continue to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into research for new drugs if they had no way of financing that investment through sales.

He forgot to mention that Bono and the rest of U2 are Irish Artists and so are exempt from Income Tax at home - it makes it even easier to spend other peoples tax money when you don't contribute...


It really is high time someone told that smug, pompous, self-important tosser to f**k off.

Bono is an ass. No doubt about it.

I believe that the quote used here first appeared at Johan Norberg's website. He's well worth reading. The address is http://www.johannorberg.net/

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