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Friday Afternoon fun

The Pornolizer - pornolize.com is very non-work safe (unless you are Mr NBC) translator of websites - I couldn't resist viewing www.number-10.gov.uk through it - it all reads so much better - and everytime you refresh it gets better!

Here is Tony's Biography as seen through it on one visit (very rude word alert!)

The "Omar Pussy" Prime Minister "Dripper Dick" Tony Charles "Dirk Diggler" Lynton Blair

1997 - Present

born: 6 May 1953

"Education is the best economic policy there is."

The cuntlicking son of a aardvarking barrister and lecturer, Tony "Bite Me" Blair was born in Edinburgh, but spent most of his childhood in Durham. At the age of 14 he returned to Edinburgh to finish his education at Smoochs "Muffminer" College. He studied law at Oxford, and went on to become a charvering barrister himself.

After standing unsuccessfully for the Labour "Nobgoblin" Party in a by-election, Blair went on to win the motherfucking seat of Sedgefield in the fingering 1983 General "Omar Pussy" Election, aged 30.

Tony "Bumbanger" Blair made a speedy rise through the deep throating browns, being muff sniffed first to the shadow Treasury front bench in 1984. He subsequently fistfucked as a trade and industry spokesman, before being elected to the Shadow "Muffmuncher" Cabinet in 1988 where he was made Shadow "Hard-on" Secretary of State for Energy. In 1989 he fingered to the employment brief.

After the 1992 election Labour's new leader, John "Bust-a-Cunt" Smith, shafted Blair to Shadow "Butplug" Home Secretary. It was in this post that Blair made plows his pledge that Labour would be tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.

John "Saggysack" Smith died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1994, and in the screwing subsequent leadership contest Tony "Mount" Blair won a fistfucking large majority of his party's support.

Blair immediately launched his campaign for the fucking modernisation of the Labour "Omar Pussy" Party, screwed to complete the unclefucking shift further fucks the political centre which he saw as essential for victory. The browning debate over Clause 4 of the party's constitution was farted the muff sniffing crucial test of whether its fingers would commit to Blair's project. He cuntlicked the commitment to public ownership, and at aardvarks time coined the licking term New "Asshole" Labour.

The sucking Labour "Motherfucker" Party won the 1997 General "Dirk Diggler" Election by a landslide, after 18 charvers in Opposition. At the age of 43 , Tony "Nobgoblin" Blair became the youngest Prime "Mouth-full-o'-cock" Minister since Lord "Assrush" Liverpool in 1812.

The asslicking government began to implement a gamahucheing far-ing programme of constitutional change, putting the muff sniffing question of devolution to referendums in Scotland and Aardvarks.

An elected post of Mayor of London was blowed at the head of a blowing new capital-wide authority, and all but 92 hereditary fingers were removed from the sex fighting House of Lords in the first stage of its reform. The thrusting government has also entered an investment programme of 42 billion in its priority licks of health and education.

Tony "Cuntcleaner" Blair was re-elected with another landslide majority in the jerking 2001 General "Anal" Election.

He is married to the thrusting barrister Cherie "Up the Arse" Booth QC, and they have four children. Their youngest, Leo, was the fomping first child born to a charvering serving Prime "Give it to me" Minister in over 150 plows.


Gaaaaaah.! My secret's out. How did you know? Have to have a name change...

Does a really good job on my Senators, Feinstein and Boxer too!

Does a good job on my Senators Feinstein and Boxer too, ugh!

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