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Cyclists - bad for the environment

BBC NEWS | UK | Cycling 'needs more investment'

an extra 70m is needed to meet government targets on reducing congestion and enhancing air quality.

The average commuting journey is 8 miles # the average cyclist burns about 50 calories per mile # So there and back an extra 800 calories.
Where does that energy come from - food - more food transport, more packaging etc. More energy waste. So they consume more fossil fuels than Mr FM in his bloated plutocrat car. And then some of them shower - the many who don't can't talk about "improving air quality" -using more fuel. In fact a brolly through the spokes is the best thing you can do to improve the environment....
Oh, and did I mention they smell?


Why on earth does cycling need investment? Surely, once you've bought the bike, and the other bits, you are ready to go. I have managed to purchase a bike without government assistance, and can quite easily ride it without any assistance or investment from Her Maj's Government. I love the bit in the article criticising the government for having "no strategic committment" to cycling.

The reason that there is no strategic committment to cycling is simple. It is unfeasible for government to tax cyclists. If they found a way, there would be a strategic committment extremely quickly.

I like the way your mind works; a man after ny own heart.
Burst the bubble that is their dream world. Bunch of self righteous pious PRICKS.

I don't care how a person gets about. I figure an adult should be left to his own devices. But, I do resent the moral high ground cyclists try to take. I also hate the cyclists who store their bikes in the office, especially a small office.

in a Landrover, you hardly feel the bump of a cyclist

Since you hardly feel the bump, it's good to have one of those bent-down, snaggletooth, rear-bumpers so the dragging screams will echo behind a while.

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