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I'm ready ..

The post brought my Ketchum Hog Shoulder Slapper and a big 500ml of Tattoo ink. The spikes are over half an inch long. All I am going to do now is change the letters to CHAV and have it "to hand" by the back door - the first scumbag through will get it sharply applied to the forehead...

And here is a picture of my equipment with the slap - with six letters, the inking pad and the large tin of ink - being a traditionalist I went for the wooden handled one rather than the fancy "tactical" stainless steel...



Well! That couldn't be construed as a bludgeon because it is not blunt.

I imagine my ex-wife trying to make her way in (again). What 5 letter word would be appropriate?

think rymes with Rich.

Meant to ask: is your hog-slapper self-inking?

I say that because it may be a tad difficult to be fiddling with the inkpot lid while Johnny Burglar is breaking your door down.

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