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In the immortal words of The Sweet:

And there's something in the air
of which we all will be aware
But they don't care, no, no, no, no... so
Come join the revolution, get yourself a constitution
Come join the revolution now
And recognise your age it's a teenage rampage


Charles Kennedy, the party leader, unveiled a five-point plan to protect civil liberties by giving Britain a written constitution limiting the Prime Minister's ability to act without Parliamentary approval.
The party sought to woo Tory voters concerned about civil liberties by re-affirming that it would vote against Labour's Identity Cards Bill tomorrow. The Tories are now expected to abstain.
Mr Kennedy also opposed plans to let ministers place British terror suspects under house arrest. His party was the "voice of reason" in contrast to the "ever-increasing knee-jerk" attacks on people's rights from Labour and the Tories.
A Labour spokesman said a written constitution would involve new legislation and was "constitutionally illiterate" because by tradition no parliament could bind a future one.

Sorry, run that one past me again - "a written constitution would be constitutionally illiterate". Without going into the argument if we need a written UK one or whether or not we already have one - isn't there a whisper in the air that Tony wants to sign us up to a European one?


On the great question of the day: do YOU pronounce twats to rhyme with hats or swats?

with Rats - vermin the lot of them.

ummmmmm, Charles Kennedy - the man who wants to tax us more than even Gordon 'commie' Brown.

So Charles, what about freedom? What about giving us the freedom to spend the money we earn, not as you see fit, but as we see fit?

Grrrrrrrr ........snarl !

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