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Yum Yum - Pork and Bacon for sale

I have a litter of GOS/Lop pigs off to the slaughter house next week and am arranging for some of them to go onto Sandridge Farm to be turned into Bacon etc.
I'm in the middle of Wiltshire near Devizes, if anyone fancies a side of pork or bacon, which will be all packaged up nicely, then give me a shout.
The piggies have been running around outside all the time so should be tasty.
Price will be basically what I would have earnt from selling them on the hook plus the butchery costs.


Mmmmm, bacon. Yes please Mr E.

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Oooh proper bacon! Yes please.

Bacon would be good.

What price per kilo please, including post and packing?

I have dreams of Wiltshire Pork sausage- left UK for Australia in 1964 and never had a good snag since.
I was born in Wilts and hope before I die, to return once more and pig out on some Wiltshire pork and Lardy Cake-
homesick Moonraker

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