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Hi Tim here is a piece I wrote in April 2001, no letter's page or editor then would touch it with a barge pole because it too PC and tells truth. You have the perfect forum to air the grievances of the British Public. The worries and concerns the indigenous British and those who have settled here have not diminished since the election of 2001. The real debate on asylum and immigration, I feel could just be about to start!

I write direct to you enclosing my piece. I am working class born and bred from a North London borough, and I feel able to give a general perspective of working class people I meet on a daily basis. History shows the concerns of asylum has not gone away and are still with us 100 years later. Many of your readers may disagree, but I feel many more will identify with my observations. I have been a labour voter all my life but I do not see myself voting for them in the near future. I would also like to keep my address private so that I do not get hassle from rent a mob of left or right wing political persuasions.

Please put it on your site, thanks Steve

Only too happy to do so, Sir.

What’s it all about ?

So an election is finally on the horizon the baby kissing and media-appeasing season has come around again. All the major political parties about each other’s policies will espouse many political points of views. They will boast and counter boast as well as rubbish each other. They will tell their audiences why they should have the right to govern Britain through their proposed mandates. They will say that their policies forward the interest of the British people. They will say anything to the British people that will allow them their privileged office. They are everything to everyone all of the time, the politician will say what ever you want to hear to get your vote, safely tucked up in office for another term your wants are history! Is there really such a thing as an honest politician? They will say anything but the truth! The public are wising up because if recent past elections are anything to go by apathetic turn outs just keep getting worse. Perhaps this has always been the way and the public was just more naive then. Today's the 21st century electorate is not so dumb, if we have to be hoodwinked by politicians, we want those who can actually pull rabbits out of a hat to or get their assistant to do a trick under the table to entertain us like tricky smarmy Clinton did. Now there is a real political conjurer! The politician has joined my mental list of dodgy people that I have great reservations about doing business with. You know the sort of people I mean, slimy estate agents, greedy solicitors, bodgie over-priced builders and mechanics. The sort of people you try to keep a barge pole’s length from on a daily basis, but have to deal with when they’ve con their way into your life. However, once bitten by some of life’s unscrupulous characters you never knowingly go back to them for more. You look for the professional perhaps recommended by a friend why can’t we do this with politicians? It is because they have monopolies on our votes, there are only two parties if you include the Tories who were heading for a dictatorship after nearly two decades in office. There are other analogies one could make, Potty Councils! Could be about the holes in our roads, currently dodged by the motorists and other road users, No, that would be Pot- Holed councils, What about Pot-less councils could be because they have spent all the money in the kitty left over from the last lot! Potty councils could be the best adjective to describe all the issues currently facing the first election of twenty first century. To be fair to this lot are they really any worst than the last lot? It seems a strange way to measure success by those who were the least worst, instead of who best represented the electorate. This yardstick mentality is also now used to determine who our next national government will be. The ‘Potty Council’ analogy could equally apply to Potty London, Potty England and Potty Great Britain. For this is not my interpretation most indigenous people I have come across, think we have as a nation gone to pot!

There are many many more important issues facing this country than pot holes. Housing, Health, Environment, Education, and Transport are top of any political agenda, but linked to these are the complex issues of asylum and immigration. You cannot blame anyone in the world for wanting to come to Britain, whether they are real asylum seekers or economic migrants. It is a commendation to show that this country is still regarded as place of opportunity a place with humanity and heart. London in particular and few of our cities are very relevant. Not to be accused of the ‘Pot’ calling the ‘Kettle black’, I acknowledge that I descend from 19th century poverty stricken Irish immigrants. Most people reading this article living in the London area decedent from their earlier ancestors who came to London during the Industrial Revolution or earlier up until now. From the end of the 18th century the Irish continued to come here, their numbers increased substantial! ly around the middle of the 19th century. The Jews later followed as indeed like many other peoples came before and after the Industrial Revolution. Those who did not come from abroad came from all over Britain. Later during the second half of the 20th century came peoples from the Afro-Carrabean, and Asian former colonies. On top of these came those from countries that had no commonwealth ties, Turkey and Italy were two former adversaries of Britain in war during the 20th century. The most recent newcomers during the last 20 years are from a host of Islamic countries. The newcomers (past and present) whether economic migrants or political refugees fleeing from persecution or hunger, all have one thing in common, to improve the quality of their lives. A century and more ago the tall ships came into London. Many places in London were filthy rat infested slums with the regular rounds of epidemic disease such as TB Diphtheria Smallpox, Typhus and Typhoid. However, even if the slum areas were deemed a hell on earth by those (Middle classes) who never ventured there and mixed with the inhabitants, (who were later described as ‘The Dangerous Class’ by some), it was still a Sanctuary to those who came and made their lives there. The newcomers who made good quickly integrated into the English way of life, within a generation the lucky ones Shopkeepers, Business people, and the professionals along with skilled artisans in the main had moved on to more respectable areas and joined the established middle-class and respectable working clas! ses. The unlucky poor were left behind. The history of newcomers into this country have always been objectionable by the masses, they have never really been made welcome but subtly tolerated until assimilated. They were always perceived as a threat to the host nationals in more ways than one. From the French Hugonaults to Irish navvies and so-called Jewish sweat shops. The newcomers were in competition with the home skilled and manual labour markets. Early trade union movements were very concerned about foreign competition based here. Also their ways and cultures were alien to the host nationals, they were foreigners in their land that they had not conquered. Most antagonism was kept at bay between the newcomers and the host nationals by the physical separation from the host nationals, only the poor English labouring classes lived amongst the newcomers. The British government also showed tolerance, after all London was still growing and there was still an Empire and Capital markets to feed from the raw labour and ! skills the newcomers brought with them. The tendencies of strangers in a strange land made them congregate together in their own ghettos, they were insular there and others spoke their mother tongues.

There were also other concerns with the foreigner, regarding anarchy and crime that some brought with them. These culminated in many public and media outcries! From Fenian bomb plots in the 19th century to the early 20th century assassinations of British commanding officers shot in London for their part in keeping the British rule in Ireland and India. One of the most dramatic outcries was the 'Siege of Sidney Street in East London. This came about after the murder of three unarmed police officers on the Jewellers, Samuel Harris in Houndsditch a couple of weeks earlier on December 17th 1910. Russia and German anarchists were to blame, whether or not they were bona fide anarchist committing armed robberies and murder to fund their political causes or their own pockets cut little ice with the public or police. Once their names came out all Jews in London were under suspicion of being subversive criminal types. Not since the Murder’s of Jack the Ripper 22 years earlier ha! d the Jews of London received such a public pillaring. When they were also among the chief suspects then, because a leather apron was found at the scene, similar to the type Jewish furriers were using in the Whitechaple area. One year earlier from the Houndsditch murders, was an incident at Tottenhan that became known as the ‘Tottenham Outrage.' Again another armed robbery, that left in its wake 3 dead, a policeman, a ten year old boy and an old man. The public Hue and Cry that started in Chestnut Road, lasted over several miles east towards Walthamstow and right then towards Tower Hamlets. The chase consisted of commandeered cars, trams, horse & carts bycles and some even ran on foot. The armed fugitives were obviously trying to make it back from North London to the East End. Eventually one took his own life when cornered and the other was shot by the police. In all three incidents, the perpetrators of the crimes were East European Jews. It was criticised in the press at the time that the fire power of the murdering robbers was far superior to that of the police. The police when they eventually had a weapon at the scenes, were old fashion and cumbersome revolvers at a weight of around five! pounds. In the robber’s armoury were automatic mausers that could hold ten bullets in a magazine and it was capable of firing 80 rounds in one minute including loading the magazines into its holder. They also weight only two and a half pounds. It was further noted at this times that the British criminal classes did not murder Bobbies (in the main) and only the lowest of the lowest did not go quietly and resist an arrest. The majority accepted a fair cop if caught red handed in their crimes. With these offences came very real concerns, in the Houndsditch incident it was publically commented on that a City of London policemen had not been killed on duty in living memory and now there was three at once. (Five had be shot at the time, two were wounded) The press went to war against the multitude of foreigners living in the Capital and questioned the whole issue concerning asylum! It was a fact that most Jewish people living in the east end were law abiding but the media questioned the wisdom of importing criminal types from abroad when the police had enough to contend with British born ones. Churchill the home secretary at the time did not want to withdraw the ‘Right of Asylum’. He acknowledged that the majority of the country’s alien population, mainly Jewish, were peaceful, hardworking and lived by the law of the land. The persons they wished to deal with was the unassimilated alien.

On the subject of asylum Churchill stated “The man whom we have in mind in this provision is the man of whom we know nothing and who knew nothing of us or our institutions and peaceful life, who comes from a country where murder and violence are common, where every policeman is regarded as a foe, where every institution is regarded as tyranny and where to carry on a career of plunder and rapine like a fierce wild animal may be deemed to a romantic or even respectable profession”. How relevant is this quotation nearly a century later? (All this was in 1910 the fear of foreigner has not gone to ground when we are still discussing asylum in 2001) However a self imposed system of integration existed then, as the newcomer made good they moved elsewhere. This usually took a little time and money. This time helped the newcomers assimilate into the British way of life And so the cycle goes on, history is repeating itself however there is one thing vastly different from that of one hundred years ago or more, that is space there is not enough of it! Britain has the most densely populated ratio of people to land in the western world. It is about 2 people to every acre, the consequences of this lack of space is felt very heavily in the quality of life of the poor in Britain. One aspect of it is habitation, Tower Blocks and Children do not add to the quality of life that those MPs in power could ever envisage for themselves. Overcrowded estates will be another consequence and we will return to the slums of the 19th and the earlier 20th century. We are so overcrowded and lacking space that it nothing to sell off a school field to private developers today and will disappear without too much of a hue and cry. Unless all the parties hold proper debates on these issues, more apathy will set in amongst voters and there may well be an increase in support for extreme parties and their policies, from both the left and right wings of the political spectrum. This will be because the issues of an over crowded society are not being addressed by the state. There is no debate heads are in the sand or should I say pot holes. In this country we have the resources and expertise to build infrastructures and basis for commerce abroad. We should help these countries build their economies but always offer shelter to those at risk, if we do not address these old long established fears we are kidding ourselves about a rosy future. A fair balanced society would be a genuine key to unlocking many of the fears from the indigenous British people of being overrun and swallowed up by alien cultures. How do we achieve this? Not by having so-called positive discrimination polices pushed on us by the advocates of political correctness. Everyone should start on a level playing field, when you start having these policies, they in turn became a form of bias. Many problems exist amongst white indigenous working class youth. Education is one area they are not attending colleges of further education or universities in the same numbers as Indians and the Afro-Carrabean youngsters are, (Look in any London College they are not there!) They are lagging behind ended up in dead end jobs just like their great grand fathers of a century ago if they were lucky! White working class kids are not targeted for extra funding. Also in social housing many working class whites feel alienated. They see foreigners from their tower blo! ck windows (if they are lucky) getting better housing. They do not feel it is fair, that they the grandchildren of the war generation getting worse housing or non at all, than those who have no previous connection with this country.

My own uncle a survivor of the D Day landings recently said to me that we have become a nation of too many tribes. (Only around half a dozen men from his landing craft that took them to hell on the beaches of Normandy made it back after the war.) Two or three days moored up on the south coast and bobbing about in a Landing craft before seeing action was not the best way to keep soldiers fighting fit for a forthcoming battle. Men were being sick and had to do their ones and two other the side. He recently left his tower block in North London to take refuge near his daughter’s home in the Essex. Half his new neighbours in the tower block could not even return his greeting “Good Morning” even if they wanted to. A land fit for heroes indeed! The issues here are not racist though, no one can argue against the contributions of those from abroad. Look in any London hospital and see the foreign contribution to our health service, looking after the needs of the indigenous. No one looks at the colour of skin or the accent of benign hands that help them on the road to recovery. The question in most peoples minds who live here in London is not race but numbers. The standard of living will never rise for those at the bottom while we have a non existing numbers policy. The aim should be to increase the standard of living for all working class people either from abroad or home who live here at this present time. However, as long as there is a pool of unemployed or low pay workers (same thing) poverty will be impossible to eradicate. If we can take away this cheap pool then there may be a chance. The ideal situation would be a reverse of the employment status quo! Let's have a pool of company directors who constantly required labour, skilled or non skilled. Then working conditions and pay for the working classes may rise. Only good companies will survive, the sweat shop mentality will be banished forever. If a company cannot offer an above subsistence wage they have no argument for being in business the same applies for national services industries and their work-forces. If all this sounds too idealistic for economists and those who abhorred the news of the intended minimum wage rise, let them try life from their selfish side to the other side of the fence they would soon change their tune. The minimum wage, what a joke, it should be at least £200 per week with no taxable stoppages and a credit for the national insurance contributions. Overpopulation is bad for those at the bottom of society, the irony of it all is that the capitalist and the communist are allies to this end! Both seek relaxed entry into this country one through the idealism of a no border/frontier world, the other as a means to feed and work its labour markets in the pursuit of profit. Until there is a real concerted effort to end poverty overcrowding in our cities will continue to push up the crime rate. The low paid or no pay will increase the ranks of the criminal classes who will make the most of their markets (Mugging, Drug pushing and Burglary to say nothing of the wanton violence that accompanies these crimes.) They will look for new markets into the leafy suburbs and beyond. There will be resistance to succumb to a non entity lifestyle by some of those from abroad as well as the host nationals. They are unwilling to repeat a life that their forefathers undertook as cheap second class labour and all that goes with it!

Around 30 years ago Prince Phillip said that Britons were headed for a leisure age. I can’t see evidence of it, but he may have had a point I think this was around the time of PM Heath’s 3 day week. Perhaps this is the real way forward to achieving a decent quality of life for the masses, employers who can offer a living wage for working say half a week. Profits would be less but what a society! Time the under appreciated commodity has only in recent times played second fiddle to money, if only but I think we are light years away from that one. No we are firmly stuck with a backward notion of time the working class sold their time and souls at the birth of the industrial revolution and the capitalist in return gave us that fine cliché ‘time is money’ and we have been stuck with it ever since. The family or singular cottage industries where products could be produce over a day or two and the profits at market could sustain and support the worker for a ! week or more for his labour were surpassed and corrupted along the way. Is it time to rethink the concept of work and all its means? I was thinking only the other week perhaps I could try the good life on a small holdings in France or Ireland. Then I lapsed out of my dream anyway farmers have enough to contend with the real foot and mouth scenario. I think this piece if published I will have accusations of me putting my own foot in my mouth! Many working class people feel that New Labour is rubbish, they only want everyone in work to pay for foreign humanitarian causes. Our own Pensioners with their 75 pence rise and the minimum wage of less than five pounds is a joke. (compare this to the salary of our MPs of around £1000 per week with the minimum wage, it’s scandalous) The old dare not venture out on to the streets at night because of the anarchy of street crime, they the generation that saved us from Germany wonder why they did! Many views espoused at street level would be more at home with the national socialist party, the party and regime their grandparents fought against. The Labour party that came into being to further the political social and economic advancement of the working classes (of Britain), has been hijacked by the left wing middle-class intellectuals. The indigenous white working classes do not have representation from their own class. (One fat pompous oaf hardly counts.) Can anyone wonde! r why apathy is setting in amongst the white labour voters of this class. Those who have not moved are stuck in environments that are alien to their earlier lives. The police are under funded and too demoralised to do an efficient job of protecting the public from crime. The safeguards of the past do not apply now, (physical separation from the newcomers). The East end, little Russia in Tottenham, the Rookies (Irish in Holborn) and numerous other alien stomping grounds. No one wants anyone to live in a ghetto today but there should be a government college on citizenship, anyone can walk off a boat plane or train and hey presto they are British! Today there is no transitional period where newcomers can integrate and learn the ways of the Romans (when in Rome) over a period of time. It’s a case of tough if your new neighbour’s habits and cultures are in your face and upsetting you.

Aliens are plonked down by councils and housing association and private land lords alike. It’s a case of hard luck if you don’t like a whole host of their upsetting ways. Constant foreign music bashing your eardrums, the food smells, unhygienic and antisocial habits, cooking outside and adjacent to the rear of your property! Not keeping their environments clean and tidy, new neighbours can’t speak English it's all just tough. Your British representatives in Parliament no longer have the interest of indigenous population at heart. Many feel British culture is committing suicide. Amongst the worst affected by the set up of a Hybrid society are the white working classes and their sub classes who are being left behind in housing, education, and well-paid employment. Old class antagonisms are being replaced by those of race, the bogey word for all politicians and their politically correct theorists and advocators. Nationalism and English culture are dirty words to the left, while the right want no part of multiculturalism. All is clouded by who we are where are we going. Do we want a monarch? Do we need one? What is our culture? Should we create a new on? Do we need any cultures should we break them all down? From the overcrowded cities comes a new phenomenon ‘White Flight’! In previous history the middle classes have always kept one step a head of the hordes of working classes and its offshoots the underclass. (The Lumpenproleteriat are still alive and well and always have been the bottom of the heap but they survive somehow.) Today is different, is White Flight a race thing? Many whites of all classes are moving out of the cities with the exceptions of the new cliquey stockades with their financial moats to keep out the und! esirables and the poor of all races. Cities and large towns in Britain have always been a mixture of indigenous classes with a sprinkling different races now the opposite is becoming the norm. Why is there no debate on this change of demography? The world bank recently withdraw its offer to fund 60,000 Chinese farmers in the greater Tibet region, why? The reason given it would upset the demography of the Tibetans in that area because of the new political autonomy that would eventually come with the influx of these farmers. Words such as cultural genocide were banded about! These same concerns are no where to be seen in our own backyard. We have much larger influx of foreigners coming into Britain each year, the same anxiousness about British culture under threat does not seem to apply! Why are the whites of all classes moving out of the cities? Is it crime, Racial bias, Job location, cleaner environments or are there other reasons, or a combination of them all? The melting pot theory will not work if the host tribe keeps setting up new reservations! If these problems are not addressed we could be heading for trouble in the future. Look at the conflicts in the Balk! ans and Russia where the populace is nowhere as diverse as ours in make up. There is some irony in the politics those who champion the 21st century newcomers many are enterprising, they got here did they not. A few will become little capitalists and no doubt in time will become supporters of that traditional party, ‘The Tories.' No one wants to debate the future of Britain, because of another fine old tradition the bearer of bad tidings always got the chop. The messenger is always to blame!


sorry, but that is far too long.

Please. More punchy next time.

"There is a voice crying out in the wilderness".

Or something.

Please get a blog, Mr Sparky. Set up another e-mail address and be heard.

Thanks for posting this, Tim.

I’m Sparkytus! No, I'm Sparkytus! No I'm Sparkytus!

So I have tried to start the revolt against the evil emperor Anthony Thelias. But before I crucified, I hope other sparks join the rebellion. Freedom for the wage-slaves and cut off the shackles of Nanniness. OK I’ve got carried away but didn’t you like old dimple chin Kirk Douglas in that Hollywood epic.

Yes I agree short and sweet is easier on the eyes and mind, I think when I wrote that, I must have been trying to rewrite the history of the world!

Re new electrical installation laws from big brother.

I had this email passed on to me: I've
kept up to speed on this matter generally thru Richard North and his
Eureferendum blog as I must confess I am an ardent do it your selfer and am in the process of building a rather large extension onto my house, and this wretched ruling via the EU has left me high and dry, hence my interest.
Steve Just read your views in 'An Englishmans Castle' Blog concerning the
latest bit of over regulation in the electrical world. I've got too much to say
on it for an E mail, but if you give me a ring on ------------------which is in
the wilds of Norfolk, I'd like to know what the trade is doing, if anything,
and what the situation is generally in the country, and more to the point
what we can do about it,

My reply to Chalky was:

Hi there Chalky. Just keep your head down and ignore this new ruling I have
wrote to Michael Howard via his website to make my objections. Others could
do the same, also wrote to Boris Johnson via his site. The best thing is to
get this aired in the media if possible there could be an outside chance
that the Tories might repel this Big brother law.

Many will ignore it and say the work was carried out pre Jan 1st 2005. This
is only short relief they will probably stamped dates onto the material and at
some staged send in the ‘Electric Police Force’!

The crowded argument appears again.

Great Britain is the 45th-most crowded country in the world.

More crowded than us are such terrible placesas Monaco, Malta, Bermuda, Barbados, Taiwan, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Israel.

We have virtually the same population density as Germany, and slightly less than Italy.

OK so the media (Evening Standard), is putting out misinformation again (where did you get your from John) but I can only speak as I and many other indigenous Londoners find how much our environments have changed. It defiantly seem that we are very much busting out the seams. Or should we just have no numbers and let the whole world’s populations in with out any regulation. All this crap about ID cards should not even come into the equation!

Our parents and grandparents fought against a Nazis regime that would have stamped our national insurance numbers on our bodies. Do we really want the ID cards just because the labour party want to bolt the barn doors long after the horses of immigration and asylum have bolted. I for one object to these measures against personal liberties. It is just to make them look strong, they don’t need to look strong just fair. So we must have a fair quota system this small island cannot take in unsustainable amounts of people indefinitely.

The strain of the UK infrastructure is taking its toll, we only have to look at hospitals, patients in corridors, waiting time for operations, say nothing oversubscribed schools, and social housing waiting lists, increased crime and many more issues. Anyway I got to pongo up the road (to many asylum seekers and immigrants in my way) and buy a evening paper for a job search thanks to Labour new electricity laws!

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