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A President of CNN speaks.

Via Captain's Quarters

"a dreadful bunch of terrorists called the SAS, who were probably worse than the terrorists inside the Iranian embassy."

This is the view of Chris Cramer, president of CNN International in charge of its international news coverage, including everything we and the world see coming from such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course he was speaking of the Iranian Embassy siege where he was a hostage until he faked his way out after 28 hours, leaving his colleague behind. Luckily he didn't need those awful terrorist SAS scum to save his lillywhite arse otherwise they might start wondering why they bothered.

Still I'm sure his views haven't coloured CNN's view of the War on Terror. - Me, I think I will stick to blogs for news.


Ah, he's American. You know how the concept of "stealth" is alien to most of them eg..Vietnam. It was probably the balaclavas that threw him. It's all about the image.

In his mind, he probably thinks the S.A.S killed Ken Bigley.

This is the way the SAS work. Chris Cramer is almost certainly an SAS operative just trying to "blend" into CNN. This same method of maintaining cover could be used on almost any MSM outlet. I understand that Polly Toynbee actually works for Mossad and that Moonbat bloke heads up some MI6 department somewhere. Hey, don't quote me.

I saw a BBC documentary about the siege some time ago. Was he the guy who admitted to having been a deceitful coward?

Classic "Stockholm-Syndrome." A pressure-based emotional melt-down and identity-relocation, this psychological re-identifcation of the Self with a stronger, more powerful, external Id was previously know in the PF (Pre-Freudian) Era, as cowardice.

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