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It begins at home

The Advertiser: The Cherie effect: New laws to protect charities [10feb05]
LAWS governing fund-raising for charitable groups will be amended so proceeds cannot be "seriously eroded" by administration, management or agents fees.

Administrative Services Minister Michael Wright announced the move last night,
...less than an hour before Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony, arrived at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to address 450 people who paid $195 a head.
Cherie Blair has attracted controversy for the reported $60,000 fee she is being paid for last night's speech..The events have been organised by Sydney public relations consultant Max Markson, who told The Advertiser his fee for the Adelaide dinner was $20,000.

So, 450 people at $195 equals $87750 - - Letter Box Mouth's $60,000, minus Greasy Consultants's $20,000, minus say $15 for the food. Leaves $1000 for the charity. Maybe.


Ms Greedie Boot.

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