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What size shot needed

Luvvies Johnson Banks - ("When the British Council asked us to help show that Britain was no longer just warm beer and cricket, we presumed that all the old icons of Britain needed to be thrown out.
We first thought that this project (a worldwide poster campaign) should be all about the shiny 'new Britain', without any reference to Yorkshire pudding or Morris dancers.")
have designed a lovely new Logo for President Tony of Europe's Reign - a flight of swans in a V formation.
Presumably that is a V sign to the people as in "fuck off you boring little earth bound peasants" or is it a V sign for Victory as in "I have got the money"? Whichever, I doubt it will be accompanied with the "Da Da Da Dum" and the roar of Merlins as it should be to remind Fritz of the last European Unpleasantness.

Anyway I will await Mr FM's learned advice as to what size shot is needed...


If England were ONLY warm beer and cricket, it would be a far more pleasant place than the current gun-fearing statist swamp it's turning into.

And I say the above with the utmost sorrow, as you know well.

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