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A Pox on the London Bid for the Olympic

Just driven home from London - Bloody A4/M4 out to Heathrow all clogged up as they put up the flags to make it a Potemkin Village to welcome the freehanders from the Olympic committee - as the French realise it is just a matter of how much is in the envelope in their roooms that swings it. And being a nice guy I let an ambulance out and it had written on the side "The NHS backs the London Bid" - hasn't the NHS got better things to spend its money on?


Yeah, well at least your not paying for the bid through your council tax.

I've yet to meet anyone, in London or out of it, who supports this bid. If I were more cynical I might think it's just an excuse for politicians to divert taxpayers' cash to their pet projects and contractors. In fact, I am more cynical.


Nope, not cynical, more of a realist in my book. Thankfully I'm now in Essex so the bid is at least one thing the state isn't screwing me for but I still wish Paris all the very best and may their envelopes be full.

the antisemitic ken livingston backs London 2012

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