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Are Parking Tickets illegal Part Two

I mentioned this back on Nov 2 -An Englishman's Castle: Are Parking tickets illegal? -
Telegraph | News | Christopher Booker's notebook leads with a long article about it. As ever worth reading.

He continues with a story that reveals again the true face of the "Privilegentsia" who run the EU:

"What the Government describes as "a small, technical and non-controversial" Bill now being nodded through Parliament will give the equivalent of diplomatic immunity to the employees of a range of "international organisations", mostly organs of the EU. The "privileges and immunities" it grants will be enjoyed not just by staff members of these bodies, but by all members of their families and "households".

(Bodies included run) from the European Railways Agency and the European Plant Variety Office to the European Monitoring Centre for Racism and Xenophobia, although the Foreign Office concedes that its list will have to be updated "as new bodies are added".

Make the rules for the poor bloody peasants but of course they don't apply to us! Bastards.


I wonder what Mr FM would have to say about this....

The EU miust die!

Presumably Mr, or Mrs, Blair will get such a job and then no-one will be able to arrest him for war crimes?

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