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Local Waste

Neil Herron point out:

Calls for the scrapping of the South West Regional Assembly have been re-ignited after it was revealed it employs the second highest number of staff of any of England's assemblies and has cost 4.8 million in grants from taxpayers' cash. Local Government Minister Nick Raynsford, in response to a question from Totnes MP Anthony Steen, revealed the assembly employed 56 full-time staff by the end of March 2004. "This shows an enormous amount of money has been spent on something that has no statutory responsibility at all. They have this large, full-time staff for what is just a talking club."

I'll volunteer to help re-ignite the Assembly - couple of gallons of Unleaded and some Swan Vestas seem in order. Just because the people voted against them doesn't mean they are going to be scrapped...


Like the Southe-East Regional Assembly, whose aim is to cover the SE with houses, but not build any roads, or improve rail links, or build schools... they have been put there because the ELECTED councils at County and District levels are not behaving and caving in to the whims of John Prescott (spit when you say that).
I have been thinking of retiring to Spain. When asked why I responded "I fancy the idea of moving to a country that was a dictatorship and has chosen democracy... as opposed to staying here in a democracy that is becoming a dictatorship".
(Aslo the wine's cheaper !)

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