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Lottery discrimination

Nanny Knows Best points out how National Lottery feel that the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) is not adequately targeting its resources at those elements of society that are disadvantaged. In view of this, the National Lottery will not award the RNLI a lottery grant. As the RNLI point out, what are they meant to do before they respond to a distress call; go through an ethnic and socio economic monitoring questionnaire first? Then ignore those people who don't fit in with Nanny's targeted groups?

No, take a leaf out of the wonderful fishing policy we have which doesn't prevent the catching of the wrong type of fish - only bringing them ashore. So if they are white, middle class, drinkers, or whatever - thro them back.

A further Lottery titbit from the source at The Times:

When the money handed to charities which feature the name of a religion in their title is divided by each faith’s number of adherents in Britain, Christian bodies received 18p per follower. Hindu groups were handed £1.79 per believer, Muslims £2.45, Sikhs £7.14, Jews £9.74 and Jains £23.40.


Surely any poor sod in imminent danger of drowning can be classed as somewhat disadvantaged.

There is a discussion board at the Big Lottery Fund's site where it is possible to (politely) vent ones spleen.


Just been back to the discussion board and the buggers have deleted my post! I think I know why though...


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