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For St.George

The English Democrats Party will be standing candidates in the coming General Election and we are currently some 20 candidates short of the 88 candidates we need in order to get our party political broadcast in England both on radio and television. We are also currently short of funds. These and additional candidates will enable us to make contact with every English Patriot and give the current unfair treatment of England and her people, the public attention that it deserves.

If you want to help visit:
English Democrats Party::Sovereignty

Speaking up for England costs money. And the more money we can raise, the louder we can shout. Help us make a big noise.


For a blog that is supposedly free market kibertarian a lot of the english democrat policy is just the same old socialist rubbush, the goveremnt must run public services, only the goverment can have a transport policy.

Not much free market small goverment there.

While I fully support some policies, cannot possibly agree with others

Agreed on that - I think they would be better off as a Single Issue Pressure Group - As far as I am concerned the important issue is who rules us - what they then do is a secondary issue.
But they asked nicely for a mention :)

The Campaign for an English Parliament is the single-issue pressure group for an English Parliament.

We don't endorse any party, we just say that England should govern itself.

For a party whose supposed main goal is to achieve an English parliament it seems rather self-defeating to expect the supporters of said goal to also condone a manifesto that they almost certainly don't agree with.

Still, as long as they represent a protest vote they hopefully won't do any harm, and they may even unsettle MPs of anti-England parties that sit in marginal seats. In that capacity, good luck to them.

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