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The Present Mrs Englishman went out walking today with the Girl and the Spare Girl and discovered my Brother and I loading up the pigs into a Transport Box - whoops, "Yes, Darling, they are going on Holiday"...
So I'm in deep Do-dos, and she doesn't yet realise they are coming back nicely wrapped in clingfilm in handy oven sized joints in a day or so..
Shit - I need help - please someone buy some of this excellent Happy Pork - reared outside with lots of TLC - they didn't even mind the Shoulder Slapping - Cheap - And you know none of our Raghead friends will be sharing it, and before I started this second bottle of really rather good Claret I thought of a reason why the Green Nazis wouldn't either, but I have forgotten it now..
The Previous Mrs Englishman has bought half a pig as has her father and her new man's best mate so it must be good..
Look: Tim Worstall wants your empty inkjet cartridges and what does he offer in return? No yummy mouth feel, no juicy grease running down your chin, no individually tattooed bits of meat for you delectation, no Yum yum at all. You know it makes sense.
And did I mention it is cheap?


If I were still living in the ancestral acres I would be round like a shot. Posting stuff to Portugal doesn’t sound like all that good an idea.

Can you ship it within the UK?

I need to check with the couriers but there shouldn't be a problem in this cold weather (and as we use the couriers a lot I can get a good rate on transport).

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