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Calling Chicken Little!

If you ever wonder where you tax money goes...

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust - Trust to set up climate friendly communities
The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has received a grant worth £90,000 over three years from DEFRA’s Environmental Action Fund that is designed to encourage community action on climate change.

With latest reports saying the world has little more than a decade to avert catastrophic climate change by ensuring that global temperatures do not rise by more than 2 degrees C, the urgency of such change is beyond doubt.

Contact Hannah Moser on (01380) 725670 if you wish to help set up a climate friendly community in your local area.

Hannah - expect a call...


The last time I read a newspaper it said we were heading towards a “new ice age” did I miss something? Actually that’s not completely true, I did read an article about farting cows but dismissed it as a joke.

The whole concept of environmental "triggers," whereby at precisely 2 degrees variability all hell breaks loose, is particularly annoying. . . the best thing each one of us can do relative to climate change is to be as productive and innovative as we individually can be, contributing to the greater march towards wealth generation, technology development, and reduction of poverty worldwide. . .

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