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Live and learn

The admirable Kim du Toit has been assembling some care packages for a couple of Marines in Iraq - amongst the many and weird items he is sending Tampax - to quote:

Tampax are literally lifesavers when it comes to treating bullet wounds. The little buggers are sterile, expand to plug the hole (as every woman knows), and cause the blood to coagulate inside the wound.
I read a letter from Marine Mom, wherein her son says that every Marine in his platoon now carries four Tampax tampons in their battlepack med kit.
Sanitary pads are also good for covering large-area wounds and staunching blood flow, so I included a box of Kotex as well.


Not Marines, just ordinary common-or-garden Army boys.

Well, okay, they ARE snipers... armed with the very latest and best rifle scopes (which we at the NoR also purchased for them).

Not that we're bloodthirsty or anything.

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