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Abfall Macht Frei

White Rose

Residents of Croydon, south London, have been told that the microchips being inserted into their new wheely bins may well be adapted so that the council can judge whether they are producing too much rubbish.
If the technology suggests that they are, errant residents may be visited by officials bearing advice on how they might "manage their rubbish more effectively".

Ve notice you have been buying Lard again, and these tomatoes are GM. Come vith us and we will re-educate you....


This reminds me of reports from about a year ago suggesting some EU rules about rubbish (how appropriate) that do not seem to have come in yet. If what I remember is correct, it will become illegal to throw away electrical equipment--by which they mean anything with a bit of wire in it--without recycling. Councils are to be set a target of, I think, 4kg per head that must be disposed of in this way. How long will it be before Croydon's chips are attached to some special compartment for electrical equipment to make sure that you recycle enough for them to meet their target? If you do not, will you be presumed until you prove yourself innocent to have been throwing away electrical equipment illegally? Will these targets really become personal? Will people start buying cheap electrical equipment just to throw away to meet their targets? Will manufacturers meet this demand by producing products designed for no other purposes than to meet recycling targets. e.g. a case containing a short length of copper wire--to meet the definition of electrical equipment--and a brick to meet the annual weight requirement? Will the people of Croydon have to fit their bins with padlocks to stop other people putting rubbish in them? Or will they just cover the chips with metal foil to stop them working? New regulations always produce new behaviour that the regulators did not foresee--thank God

It's already being done in parts of Southern Ireland & I believe in Nottingham.

So now, you need to purchase a "gravity lock", so other people don't put their muck in you'r dust bin!!!!!!

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