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Made my evening

Pasty faced Labour MP is sent packing.
Some nulabour nark, "Dan Norris", thought it would be a good idea to go to the Home of Hunting for the television. - It made great viewing as he was pelted with cream and eggs as he was forced to run away - thank goodness he was wearing dark trousers as I could smell the fear over the ether!

“How dare this man come to our village,” A local said. “He has just ruined the villagers’ lives. Why come to Badminton, which has been the home of the Beaufort hounds since 1650, to gloat about what he and his fellow backbenchers have achieved? We have been treated in the most crass way imaginable.”

She added: “I think he was asking for it.”


Do you agree with the Countryside Alliance's Regional Director, Delly Everard that Dan Norris was at fault in accepting BBC West's invitation to be interviewed in Badminton?

Are you happy that he was prevented from speaking by the egg and cream pelting?

Are you happy that his female assistant was punched?

Do you agree with the Countryside Alliance suggestion that there should be parts of Britain where MPs who voted to ban hunting should not go?

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