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A local Labour Councillor at work

Councillor Zoe Hopkins has a nice little blog - for some reason it showed up in my referrers, so it might be unfair to pick on her, but it is a fascinating insight into the world of a local Labour councillor:

It seems Iím having a high profile week, by my standards anyway. A photo of me and some of my colleagues from the Birmingham Womenís Aid event was in the Birmingham Post last week...
Iíve also been writing a press release today as we are going to get 23 Police Community Support Officers...
I had a meeting this morning to discuss recommendations for the You Are Your City scrutiny review Iíve been working on. Itís been a very interesting review, and the working atmosphere has been quite amiable for the most part. We even had a minor breakthrough in relations between the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties this morning when we joined forces in arguing against the use of a semi-colon in the phrase You Are Your City; Clean and Safe...

All typical meaningless fluffy Local Government stuff, but then the mask slips...

On another issue, I caught part of Tony Blair talking to the people on Channel Five tonight. I just heard the last question on climate change and Kyoto, because I was watching the Channel Four news where Margaret Beckett was talking about the same issue. She was quite vague - talking in terms of choices that people will need to make over the next 10-20 years in terms of changing lifestyles and consumption... I'm quite pessimistic about the whole issue, particularly with the U.S still refusing to sign up to Kyoto - how long will it be before making choices has to become active enforcement to try to address the problems of climate change?

"active enforcement" - now that is what it is all about in the end.



"The current voluntary option has failed"

I forget where I first read that, but it is one of the more chilling sentences produced by NuLab.

Credit for unearthing the chilling "The current voluntary option has failed" goes to the Briff.


I'd like to see New Labour actively enforcing the US to do toe the line on Kyoto, or anything else for that matter.

'the voluntary option has failed': so what?

littering is illegal, as is murder. so is putting sewage and industrial waste straight into rivers. (that's why we have fish in the Thames again, as opposed to otherwise).

got a problem with any of this?

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