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Compelling - my arse

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans'

"If you take this data and combine it with a decade of earlier results, the debate about whether or not there is a global warming signal here and now is over at least for rational people."

For once I can't complain of the BBC's use of "sneer" quotes.

Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans'
They "DO"
By Paul Rincon
BBC News science reporter in Washington DC

Scientists say they have "compelling" evidence that ocean warming over the past 40 years can be linked to the industrial release of carbon dioxide.
Ah, it is only "compelling evidence" one paragraph in
US researchers compared the rise in ocean temperatures with predictions from climate models and found human activity was the most likely cause.

Oh and by the second paragrah it is only "likely"

...This model reproduced the observed temperature changes in the oceans with a statistical confidence of 95%, conclusive proof - say the researchers - that global warming is being caused by human activities.

Now we get to it - they have finally produced a computer model that fits one lot of observed data from the past - whoopyfuckingdo. Give me a hundredth of their budget and I bet I can produce a 95% confidence model that matchs the number of white vans driving past my office to the amount of rain - provided I can add a few extra "fudge factors". I'm off to read what other have to say.
Stotty and Brignell should provide a sniff of reality.


The Today programme reported on this topic this morning. They had a couple of scientists including one from Woods Hole. The whole piece lost its strength for me when on being asked how their pessimistic conclusions had been arrived at, two key words were used, namely "estimate" and "model". Unfortunately the interviewer let that part pass without further question or comment. La plus ca change.

I suppose we will know if they really have proved it if they resign their well paid jobs and go and do something else - I mean once you have proved something why would you contiue to want to work on it?

So just because I don't agree I am labelled as irrational.

Fuck off hippies.

This article is one of the most egregious examples of the stampede to shut down debate. . . the shrillness of their efforts is de facto evidence for me that it's all nonsense. . .

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