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After Lunch...

On Kim du Toit's site someone wonders about the wonderful report of what happened when the Greenies attacked the City Traders, and got more than they expected: They ask
but why was going in after lunch a bad idea?

My dear boy - in England some of still have a drink or two at lunch even on a working day. I know the last alcoholic drink during work in America was on 19th March 1987 but here we aren't all Puritans. And mix a few pints with some Cockney Barrow Boys, sprinkle with Aggro and the fun starts.

Wanders off whistling "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner..."


It's about time that someone gave them a real kicking. Should have happened years ago.

Ah, but the prize quote was from the pinstriped loon outside the pub with "sod off Swampy".

That would look really good on a t-shirt.

I date the fall of American civilization from 19th March 1987.

ah. that makes sense.

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