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British Blogging a waste of time?

Tim Worstall
points out:
Europhobia is extremely gloomy, stating UK Blogging: Officially  a pointless waste of everyone’s time, and Martin Stabe provides a good set of reasons why (our press is already partisan, unlike the US)   in British Blogs, a waste of time?

Probably in a political sense, but not for the reasons stated.

It is that Tony Blair etc. are barefaced liars, the media points this out, everyone knows it and no one seems to care. Ditto with the media, so what have bloggers got to expose?

As this article says:

Whatever ruses Blair has adopted have come all too naturally to him. At one point when the WMD issue was blowing up in the Prime Minister's face (if nonexistent weapons can be said to blow up), John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, confronted the unruly MPs from his party, telling them vehemently, "The Prime Minister does not lie."

But he does. Or, at least, he has repeatedly said things that were not the case, often enough to suggest that he has genuine difficulty with the concept of objective truth. Some of his lies are trivial. Politicians like to add color and glamour to their resumes, and Blair was simply doing that when he claimed that as a boy he had been a stowaway on a plane bound for the Bahamas (for which there was no independent evidence), and had watched Jackie Milburn playing soccer for Newcastle (he would have been too young). It was much more alarming when Blair told a television interviewer that he had voted to ban fox hunting. The point was not the rights and wrongs of that highly contentious and emotive issue; it was that at the time the Prime Minister? or rather, the Member for Sedgefield? had never voted in the Commons on the matter one way or another.


The MSM is beginning to upload issues from the Blogosphere - that alone is progress.

Of course he's a liar; in common with that other scumbag Howard, he's a lawyer - which otherwise defined as "Professional liar"

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