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Whoops I have just broken the Hunting Act - see you in chokey

Just went to get dressed (yes, I blog in my Pyjamas)and a mouse jumped out of the heap of festering pig feeding/dog walking clothes. So shut the doors and get the Jack Russles in - chaos but we ran him to ground behind the Ottoman and 'Pollo got him.

I thought that mouse hunting was exempt but rereading the Hunting Act 2004 I see it is only rats that I can hunt with the dogs, not mice. So shall I ring the police up and turn myself in?


If you got hold of some fox cubs young enough, could you train them to hunt in an organised pack? Then, their being doggy sorts of animal, would you be breaking the law?

.....surrender yourself immediately; the rozzers will be round to to take away your 4x4 (might use it to follow a hunt), your rifles & shotguns (you are no longer deemed in law to be a 'fit person') & your children as you have clearly traumatised them by allowing such a terrible crime to be commited on your land.

P.S. see you down @ the range later!!

There is an exemption if "....as soon as possible after being found or flushed out the wild mammal is shot dead by a competent person..". This is a pro-gun law: the c.p. isn't allowed to stab or club it to death: he must shoot it. How remarkable.

dearieme: Foxes can not be tamed, so are more cat-like in that respect. Which is probably why dogs love chasing them and tearing them apart.

I say turn yourself in like an honest fellow. The more the system is bogged down with "offences" like yours the sooner people will see the stupidity of this ill-considered, illiberal legislation.

Failing that go and stand in the "naughty corner" until you are really, really sorry.


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