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Last call for Pork Futures

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The pork is coming back on Thursday in half pig packs - properly butchered and wrapped, no head or extremities - just oven ready pork I'm pricing it at 2 a kg as I haven't got a freezer to take it and Mrs Englishman doesn't want it in the house.
Are you interested in a half? - I could send it out by courier if needed at your risk and cost.

The Bacon will be along later after it has been cured.


"I'm pricing it at 2 a kg"
For shame! 1 per pound, surely?

2 quid a kilo is cheaper.

You haven't got a freezer???

Wasn't it a bit of a risk getting more than one pig butchered if you haven't got a freezer?

I'll mail you privately...

I have been looking after two industrila freezers and one large fridge in my barn for the last couple of years for a local charity - so lastr week I thought I would plug them in so I had some pork space.
First freezer went Bang and clouds of white smopke from the engine - bugger - so I try the Fridge - just blows the trip - Ok get the lead to the the really big one! Nothing - just nothing.
So while I thought I was prepared I wasn't!

Damn. That's really tempting, but I know what US Customs would say to that.

Mmmmmmmmmmm bacon.

Tim if you store fridge kit you need to keep it turned ON otherwise the compressors seize and then when switched on they blow...I guess you know that now.

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