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We have been gathering evidence and we may use it against you..

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | 'Darkie Day' filmed by officers

Police in Cornwall have confirmed they filmed an event in which locals black up their faces and dance through the streets of a Cornish town.
Police shot video of the most recent "Darkie Days" in Padstow and have submitted a file to the CPS.
Local district councillor Sarah Townrow said on Thursday Padstow residents were "fed up with being pushed around".
She warned Britain was becoming a "nanny state", adding: "Nobody has got any malice in them.
"I am sure there is no more trouble goes on at Darkie Day than at any other celebration in any town in the country.
"We just want to be left alone to enjoy it."

Strange people down in Cornwall - but then we have Darkies Lane in our Village named after an Indian couple who lived there over two hundred years ago - they appear to have just integrated into the village life and their genes are mixed in to the local gene pool. Amazing how they managed to do that without the aid of the Race Industry....


It wouls appear that crime is at all-time low in the Duchy, given that the thin blue line can devote scarce resources to conduct Stasi operations on the local carnival. No woner the Plod are no longer seen as public servants but more of an occupying power

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