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A quiet scream of desperation

The local council over the last few years has spent a minimum of 205,000 on a fatuous Greenie initiative to mark local lanes as "Quiet Lanes" - they have employed professional PR, given away "fluffy" gifts etc. But now they have had to do a Quiet Lanes Review

And whoops -

"It can be seen that support for the scheme in the area has reduced sharply since implementation. This is a threat to the success and longevity of the scheme since support is essentially to encourage a change in user behaviour."

And also, as we all predicted, it hasn't made a blind bit of difference to anything - speeds have on average dropped, but then also have on non "Quiet Lanes".
The report has that quiet scream of desperation as a middle manager tries to present a failed project as a success and a reason for his job to continue...

And strangely the Council for once isn't going to continue supporting failure - they are scrapping the further expansion - Hurray!


What worries me about all this is that the next move to reduce speeds on country roads will consist of their digging up the tarmac and returning the whole to mud and gravel.

Two of the Lanes chosen to be Quiet Lanes had speeds in excess of 35 mph. These are shown on the map. Additional repeater signs and surface treatment was introduced along these lanes in addition to the entry treatment. This was to ensure speeds reduced to 35mph or less.

Hmm. So to provide "quiet lanes" the blithering idiots decided to use "surface treatment". That sounds suspiciously like "bumps that make a loud noise when you drive over them" to me. The irony is suberb, though. The way to actually achieve "quiet lanes" is to persuade the traffic that it wants to go somewhere else. The way to do that is to build a nice fast bypass so that through traffic doesn't have to drive down narrow lanes. Now, remind me which group is most opposed to the building of bypasses again...


You've only got to see Wilts & Berkshire Council's maintenance program to realise that's already happening - Potholes with cavers appearing out of them are becoming the norm...

I enjoy your blogs. I always considered myself to be a bit of a lefty but I'm becoming more and more convinced that much of what the Greens, and others of that ilk, do is unhelpful. It is very easy to protest; unfortunately not so easy to come up with solutions.

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