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Why the long face?

Telegraph | News | Horse owners face jail over passports

Thousands of horse, pony and donkey owners face fines or even jail from today because they have failed to obtain passports for their animals....
The Government has already extended the scheme's deadline twice: it was first due to come into force in January last year, before being put back to June 30. However, with only a small proportion of equines covered by that date, the deadline was extended again to today....Critics of the scheme say that the Government should have derogated from the EU law, as previous administrations have done, on the grounds that few British horses - about 7,000 a year - enter the food chain...The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said enforcement would be carried out in "a common sense and gradual way".

Note how people are starting to just ignore absurd laws and the Government caves in - but of course little Defra shits will pick out some easy targets to prosecute.


I suspect they won't bother with the pikeys!!!

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