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Martini Action

Wasted half of last night by going to some bloody PartnerShip meeting where various people argue about Five Year Plans and Land Use Restrictions and getting money from various arms of the Government. All will be right with the world if we have Arts and Crafts Learning Workshops and not houses and when someone mentioned ASDA the word Walmart was hissed...Socialist planning is alive and well at local level.
But the night got better as I popped into the pub to spend an hour or so filling out Firearm Certificates etc. Eight photos supplied and countersigned by two referees...

But at least I managed to buy an old BSA Martini action rifle from a man in the Pub - who then had to push start the Pikeymobile to get it started so I could drive home.....


I wish you and Mr. FM would stop talking about those BSA Martinis. Considering I can't get my hands on one of them, I find it highly offensive that you keep rubbing salt in the wound.

Remember, as an African-American and therefore an ethnic minority, I can make life pretty rough for you, even from over The Pond.

Now, what's the address for the Race Relations Officer at the Kennett Council?


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