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Peter wants a rise - some tips

Cuthbertson's Conservative Commentary causes concern, can't capture consumers consistently.

1) Site visit figures are unreliable.
2) If you want visits you have to feed the beast every day. Readers want something new.
3) Don't try and write to get visitors. Write to tell a mate down the pub what interests you and you think he would be interested in - or perform pinpoint surgery on targets which others can then pick up on.
4) Get the length right. If you do snippets do them well, they are the little savouries that should leave a lingering taste; if you do long articles, you are asking people to invest a lot of time in reading, make it worth their while every time.
5) Don't expect too much - I expect 40 visits a day here - I get a few more and am very happy.
6) Full disclosure - the adverts on this site have earned me $3.19 over the last year - but on my other Blog which I only spend a couple of minutes a day on - I average $150-$200 a month. The difference is that the other blog is tightly focused on a specific niche, no ego involved. This one is just my playground.


Whats this other blog of yours then?

Erm, makinbacon.co.uk hopefully...

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